Emergency Medical Information Card

Will your health care documents and instructions be available when you need them? Yes, with the Legal Directives Emergency Medical Access Card brought to you by Gonzalez Law.

Health care directives and other legal documents are only effective if they are available when needed by those attending to your health care needs. Now upon drafting your pertinent health care directives which should accompany every estate plan, Gonzalez Law will provide you with instant access to all of your important health care documents and medical information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

With the Emergency Medical Access Card, you can rest assured that your physicians, family members, and emergency medical personnel will have the pertinent instructions in their hands immediately. You made the investment of making your wishes clear and removing unnecessary confusion among love ones where no advanced planning has taken place; now Gonzalez Law takes it a step further by providing you instant, secure access for your initial year enrollment into this unique service. Through the firm’s discounted rates, continued coverage may be enjoyed by all for a nominal cost worth every penny.

College Student Emergency Medical Access Program

Have a child away at College? Give yourself the comfort of knowing your child is protected each year he or she is away from home. Through the College Student Emergency Medical Access Program, you and your child will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Wallet card for your child highlighting emergency contact information and 24/7 emergency access to your child’s healthcare directives.
  • Immediate parental notifications every time your child’s healthcare directives are requested
  • Same-place storage of your child’s emergency contacts, health insurance information, and healthcare directives
  • Clear alerts notifying healthcare providers of allergies and medical conditions your child may have

In either case, the back of the card contains clear instructions explaining how to access your healthcare directives in the case of an emergency. Healthcare providers can either view the documents and information online or receive them via fax by calling the toll-free number listed on the card. What are you waiting for?