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When I started to search for an attorney I was interested only in crafting a simple will. I was lucky to find Joe Gonzalez. Joe responded to my original query on the same day that I made contact and answered many questions over the phone. He then created a comprehensive document that will guide my children through the process of settling my estate. Joe's entire staff are welcoming, informative and cheerful. They recognized me on sight every time I visited the office. This personal and welcoming atmosphere is rare in most businesses nowadays. As a result of my experience, I recommended Joe to a fiend who needed not only estate planning but tax assistance. My friend was delighted by the professionalism of Joe and is staff. In fact, I will encourage my friend to craft a review. I give Gonzlaez Law, PLLC & JAG CPA, PLLC

Patricia A.

Mr. Gonzalez and his staff were very courteous and professional from the very first communication i had with them. i was especially impressed by Mr . Gonzalez himself. it has been my experience that during a free consultation that you receive a quick overview of services and an even quicker handling of any questions I might have. Instead I was treated to a thorough and detailed handling of any questions I had and was even given advice on things I could do to save money. I think that Mr. Gonzalez went above and beyond in the service that he rendered and I am very appreciative of that. T am really looking forward to working with him . Thanks so much to everyone there !

Skip F.

This was my first experience with an attorney and I will say that the Gonzalez law firm were exceptional. From the moment I entered the office till the time I left I felt like they cared for me as an individual and truly are there to assist me. I highly recommend them to anyone and Yes I will be using them again.

Sandra S.

I first met Joe Gonzalez several years ago as he was listed as one of Dave Ramsey's 'Endorsed Local Providers'. I needed tax help because they were getting too complicated and frustrating to handle on my own anymore. He has been a godsend! What used to take me days with Taxcut takes him about 30-45 minutes in his office. He's also helped us in saving a lot of money by noticing that we had been doing our taxes wrong for years and fixing them! Later Joe drafted and filed our LLC paperwork with both the state and county when we formed our business entity. It was well worth having a professional do this complicated paperwork versus those internet "create a business" sites. Joe and his staff are great people; kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. He also has the heart of a teacher -- not just content to say "Do it this way" but actually sits down with you to explain HOW and WHY you should adopt a method. Bottom line: He's saved me time, money, and frustration with both business and personal taxes and matters of law.

Derek P.

I came to the office of Joe Gonzalez at the lowest point in my life. I had just lost my husband of 37 years, and was lost on how to handle all the financial and legal matters that had to be addressed. I could not have been in better hands. Joe and his staff were so kind and compassionate. His demeanor and ability to explain all the "legal speak" in terms that I could understand put me at ease and gave me confidence that he had my best interest at heart. Any time I have a question or something new pops up, I know Joe and his staff are always a phone call away, and will be happy to assist me. In the past three years since my initial visit , they have helped me several times with taxes, and other legal needs. And, always in the same kind, compassionate manner. I can't convey what a blessing it is to have the peace of mind this firm has given me. I highly recommend Joe and his staff to anyone .

Janet V.